Rogue One: A Star Wars Story DVD

The Star Wars franchise continues with the epic sequel Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Now, you can take home the dazzling story of good and evil, Jedi’s and Sith’s, loss and love, with this Blu-Ray DVD.

The story begins with Galen Erso who is forced by Orson Krennic to build the ultimate weapon in the universe, the Death Star. His daughter Jyn, manages to escape Krennic and with the help of the Rebel Alliance works to discover the key to destroying it.

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Detailed information about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story DVD

Full of adventure, excitement, romance and fantasy, Rogue One kept everyone on the edge of their seat. Not only is the cast exceptional with Felicity Jones from the Theory of Everything, Mads Mikkelsen from Hannibal, and John Boyega who made his major debut in Rogue One but also the graphics are unbelievable. Top CGI creation has made this fantastical movie come to life.

Fans become immersed in the world and hang on until the very end. The Blu-Ray also adds to this experience with its hi-definition picture resolution. You’ll feel like you’re in the movie theatres. It also comes with a normal DVD if you don’t own a Blu-Ray player and a Digital HD copy, so you can take it on the go with your laptop.