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Family Feud Trivia Box Card Game Fully Reviewed

The Holidays mean family and friends and time spent together making good memories to last the year through. The new Family Feud Trivia Card game is a great way to pass the time enjoyably with loads of laughter and fun. Family Feud Trivia is a great family game that will be enjoyed by all, young and old alike. While some of the questions may be a little advanced for some of the younger players, none of the questions contained on the cards are off-color or risque, so the entire family can relax and enjoy their time together in a wholesome and enjoyable way.

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Everyone knows and loves “Family Feud”. This popular game show has been a staple on our televisions for years, and now this famous game show comes in a guise of trivia cards in a box that has the ability to instantly liven up any get-together with hilarity, trivia and just a plain old-fashioned good time. Family Feud Trivia Card Game plays just like the original show, asking for the players to fill in the most popular answer for dozens of different questions.

Family Feud Trivia is perfect for adding a little excitement anywhere there is a need. There are hundreds of interesting questions to test the player's knowledge no matter their age, and whether there are a few players or a dozen, there is always a good time waiting to be had with this trivia triumph!


Great game for 5 or more players (the more the merrier!) and fun for all ages

Good clean family fun – no fear of inappropriate content for the younger crowd

Small size makes this game portable for on the road fun