Samsung Galaxy VR Headset

Have you ever wanted to travel to another galaxy? What about going into outer space? Maybe you have always wanted to step into your favorite cartoon world? What if you could do those very things from the comfort of your very own home? Well, you can! With the amount of amazing technology the world has in today’s age, one of the really cool items that may be of interest to you is VR systems. If you have no idea what VR is, VR stands for Virtual Reality. It is called ‘virtual’ reality because of the fact you are stepping into a virtual world provided by a headset. There are quite a few VR systems out there but one of the most popular ones would be the Samsung Galaxy VR headset. We here at that Sweet Gift would now love to show you all about it!

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Detailed information about Samsung Galaxy VR Headset

Throughout the years VR has progressed into something truly remarkable. At the very beginning of its’ history, it was groundbreaking technology. No one has ever seen anything like it ever before. Virtual Reality dates all the way back to the 1950’s, but only until about recently are we able to experience true virtual reality. The Samsung Galaxy VR is actually made in partnership with another VR company named Oculus. Oculus has made a powerful VR system but Samsung wanted to have a unique VR headset made for their company. With the Oculus Rift headset, you would need to have a computer hooked up to the headset to be able to use it and not just any computer would do the trick, it’d have to be a certain one that meets the requirements. The only major difference of the Samsung’s specially made device is the fact you can control it with your phone. However, there is a small catch. It only works with the Samsung Galaxy phones. In the package, you receive the Gear VR headset, a top headband, a back headband, a USB device holder, the gear VR hand controller, the controller strap, and then finally x2 AAA batteries.