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Our team has created this excellent curated list of Star Wars gifts that are perfect for any Star Wars fan. Star Wars is one of the great movie franchises of our generation, spanning decades, and producing some of the best movies the world has ever seen. And as a result, Star Wars has produced millions of incredibly dedicated and devoted fans! Do you know a Star Wars fan? You probably do! Are you shopping for them for their birthday, graduation, anniversary, Christmas or for another special event? You’ve come to the right place! From Princess Leia to Chewbacca, and everything in between, we have thought of everything, and are making the Star Wars gifts buying process easier than ever. If you personally aren’t a Star Wars fan, have no doubt! You will still be able to find the perfect gift in no time. May the force be with you as you start looking!

10 Things to Consider When Buying  Star Wars Gifts

Have you started looking for the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan in your life? Keep these 10 things in mind as you keeping searching for their  Star Wars gift!

1. It’s okay to be a little nerdy

Yes, most Star Wars fans would probably call themselves nerds, and that is okay!

There is nothing wrong with that, and what matters most is to be true to yourself and not worry what other people think.

When buying a gift, it’s okay to get a little nerdy! Sometimes, the ‘nerdier’ the gift, the better.

2. Most fans want to show their support

Star Wars fans have no shame showing off how much they love the series. So, sometimes the best gift is an article of clothing or a fun accessory that they can wear out.

Thankfully, there is plenty of Star Wars-themed clothing out there, from really obvious items to more subtle items that only true fans would understand. Endless possibilities!

3. Check with the family to not buy the same thing

The worst thing you can do when buying a gift is to buy the same one that someone else is also buying or to buy something the person already has.

If you are planning to go full Star Wars for your gift, check with friends and family that they didn’t have the exact same idea.

Better yet, consider going in together to get one epic Star Wars gift.

4. Go high tech

Speaking of epic, if you have a larger budget or are getting a joint gift with several people, consider going high tech.

There are so many cool gifts out there - from Star Wars themed augmented reality, to realistic-looking lightsabers, to the latest and greatest video games.

Just beware - everyone will want to play with them!

5. Stay age-appropriate

If you are buying something for a younger kid, that is going to give different options than if you are buying for an adult.

Always keep age in mind when shopping for the perfect Star Wars gift. Maybe save the expensive collectible items for the adults!

6. Make boring items fun

Sometimes the best gifts are the unexpected ones. Thankfully, Star Wars is just a big franchise that they have touched just about every corner of the world.

Did someone just move into a new house? Get them something for their kitchen - but get the Star Wars-themed version!

This is a great way to take a more ‘boring’ but necessary item and turning it into something much more enjoyable. It also makes for a much better gift!

7. Take the game night to the next level

When it comes to Star Wars, you can never have too many games.

From strategy games, to board games, video games, and of course, trivia, there are endless options to take game night to the next level.

If you know a group of Star Wars fans, this is a great gift idea that will be something everyone can enjoy.

8. Collectibles are great

Keep in mind tip number 5, however! Collectibles likely aren’t the best idea for young kids (what do you mean I can’t play with the toy??) but they are a great idea for older Star Wars fans who can appreciate a collectible item or figurine.

If they have already started a collection, this is a great gift that will help them expand their collection.

9. School supplies can be fun

For the younger ones, school supplies. For the older ones, office supplies. Fun at every age!

From pens and pencils to notepads and staplers, this is a great gift idea for someone who is either going off to college or starting a new job.

This helps make the situation less nerve-wracking, and more exciting! How can you be nervous about the job if you’ve got your trusty lightsaber pen with you?

10. Go for the experience

Finally, sometimes the best gift isn’t a physical gift itself, but rather the gift of an experience.

Whether that means you agree to sit down and watch the movies with them, line up a trivia night, or go all out and book a guided tour, this is a gift that any fan would absolutely love and will remember for a lifetime.

Where to Find Star Wars Gifts

Star Wars fans: Are there any better fans in the world? They certainly wouldn’t think so! Fans of the movies are some of the most committed fans in the world.

Regularly showing up early to movie premieres and other events in full costume, Star Wars fans are never afraid to show their love for the series.

To match that love, it makes great sense that you would consider getting a Star Wars-themed gift for their birthday, anniversary, or for another special occasion!

Why not add to the existing collection of memorabilia? The problem is, sometimes it can be difficult to know just what the right gift is.

You know you want it to be Star Wars themed-but that only narrows thing down so much. In truth, there are tons and tons of Star Wars gifts out there!

Not a Star Wars fan yourself? No problem, we are!

Maybe you aren’t personally a fan of the franchise (maybe you prefer Star Trek or Harry Potter?), or maybe you’ve simply run out of ideas. That is where we come in!

We have created this list specifically for Star Wars fans. Any of the gifts on this list will be perfect for anyone who wishes lightsabers were real and can do a spot on Chewbacca impersonation.

Okay, maybe they have other talents or wishes, but you get the point! Any true Star Wars fan will understand and appreciate these gifts.

Is May 4th coming up? Does that date mean nothing to you? If you are a Star Wars fan, you know the significance of Star Wars Day! May the fourth be with you!

A wonderfully brilliant pun, this has become the official Star Wars day and is the perfect opportunity to give someone you know an awesome Star Wars themed gift.

So, what exactly makes a perfect Star Wars themed gift? There are a few things to consider!

First, who are you shopping for? Is it a close friend, a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, or even for a parent (or grandparent?) based on the age and gender of who you are shopping for you can more accurately look through this list and find the perfect gift.

There are also plenty of general gifts that will be perfect for any fan - no matter their age or gender.

Remember, we are your Yoda on a budget!

If you are shopping for a gift for the Star Wars fan in your life, have no fear. We are basically the Yoda of the gift buying world!

We will give you the wisdom you need to select the perfect gift. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

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