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Creative Hand Painted Fish Slippers

As soon as you saw the picture of these fish slippers/beach sandals, I am sure someone you know comes to mind. Well whoever it was that just popped into your mind, just get these sandals for them right now. Whether it is for a birthday (especially one of the BIG ones, 40, 50, or 60), holiday, gag gift, or even for a bachelor party, these are the perfect gift for anyone who loves the beach, loves to have fun, and loves fish!

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Detailed information about Creative Hand Painted Fish Slippers

This is a unisex shoe with a microfiber sole. Despite the fact that you are wearing fish shaped sandals, they are actually really high quality. The platform is about 2 inches so enough to provide comfort, padding, and protection but not enough to make you look ridiculous. The shoe material is made of ultra-light, ultra-fine fibers. The soles use EVA material. These are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

They can be worn virtually anywhere and are resistant to wear and tear. They are water proof and have ozone resistance. Great to slip on when your are running out for an errand, spending the day on a boat or beach, or just lounging around.