CouchCoaster – The Ultimate Drink Holder

Beer lovers enjoy taking their beer in complete comfort. Nothing beats the awesome refreshing feeling that one gets while drinking a cold beer in the comfort of their home, perhaps relaxing on their favorite couch. For a beer lover, that’s their ultimate comfort especially on a sunny Saturday afternoon when catching up with their favorite sports station or a TV show.

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a beer lover, you have to figure out a gift that will add to the comfort of their beer taking moments. This drink holder, CouchCoaster from Hit products will be the best gift you can ever give to a beer lover this Christmas. It’s a great a home gift that will be perfect to give to a host as a housewarming gift.

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Detailed information about CouchCoaster – The Ultimate Drink Holder

This is CouchCoaster is the ultimate drink holder for a sofa. It's a one-size-fits-all drinks, meaning it can comfortably and securely hold sodas, beer, and any other bottled drink, whether cold or warm on the sofa, armchair, couch or recliner.

It also ensures that you have a drink within reach which is a great alternative to coffee tables. For a beer lover, this drink holder will be their ultimate comfort. They will get to have their beer without the hassle of looking for an ideal place to place their beer bottle.


The CouchCoatser securely holds drinks over a sofa, couch or armchair

The drink holder conveniently prevents spills, stains, and knocks

It has an adjustable holder

It can hold mugs and tumblers and has an adapter with a snug fit for cans and bottles

Available in different colors