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Moon Light Night Light

For most of us, the closest we have ever been to the outer space is probably in the movies. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have space here with us. If you have kids or someone who would be thrilled to have a bit of the outer space near them, then there is no better way than to make that dream come true by gifting them the Mydethun Moon light lamp.

This enchanting lamp reflects the 2nd clearest and the best scenic topographic view of the moon. It has gone through a rigorous process which includes 3D printing using state-of-art technology. The outcome is one of the most accurate representations of the moon, crates the actual surface. This is achieved through 3D modeling program which is based on 2D map, then printed on a shell to a final stage where its assembled with a 3D module to complete it.

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Detailed information about Moon Light Night Light

This exquisite moon lamp features a simple, minimalist design molded into a single body. It's absolutely safe around anyone as it's tested and approved to be 100% safe. With this lamp, the recipient will enjoy the moonlight and its illuminating soft glow every night.

And in case you wondering about its battery life, you will be pleased to know that the lamp is rechargeable and only needs to be charged for 2-3 hours. The charge will last 8-10 hours.


Build using state-of-art technology and 3D printers

Adjustable two color tone

Rechargeable and wireless

It's dimmable