White China Tea Cup and Saucer with Spoon, Set of 6

Have a tea lover in your gift list? This bunch loves to have tea at home, and when they entertain, they will mostly serve tea to their guests. This set of white china cups, saucers, spoons with bracket will certainly be what they need to add a little bit of class to an afternoon tea moment. It’s gorgeous, and it will without a doubt elevate a rather dull tea taking moments into the highlight of the day and add a touch of luxury to the whole presentation.

Stunning tea cups accompanied by lovely saucers and a sophisticated teapot is just about what everybody needs to have a luxurious tea drinking party. This fancy set by Jusalpha will do good in setting the mood for vibrant tea time on a lazy afternoon.

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Detailed information about White China Tea Cup and Saucer with Spoon, Set of 6

The cups and the saucers are made from high-quality porcelain material and will effectively retain heat and keep tea/coffee warm for longer. Everything in this set is carefully crafted to meet the safety standards and its free of lead and other toxic material. What more, the cups are microwave safe, and everything else is dishwasher safe.

Overall, this elegant set will seamlessly match with the rest of dinnerware, and it will without a doubt elevate any tabletop set-up. We can assure you that afternoon tea parties will now feel more sophisticated and luxurious when served with this wonderful china set and will certainly taste better.


The set comes well packaged

Makes a beautiful presentation

It's delicate and sophisticated

It's compact