Hydro Flask True Pints: Flask for Beer

Odds are you have seen some friends around with a brightly colored bottle that features a logo of a happy looking mascot with arms and legs outstretched. This much-loved brand is called Hydro Flask, and they have been taking over the reusable water bottle industry. One of their newer products is built not for water, but for something a bit more exciting—beer drinking. Easy to take from place to place, the True Pint can be tossed into a suitcase, added to the camping gear, or thrown into a daypack with perfect ease. All that is left to do is fill it up upon arrival!

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Detailed information about Hydro Flask True Pints: Flask for Beer

Hydro Flask True Pints are made to keep the lager, ale, or stout at the exact temperature that the drinker wants it. No more lukewarm beer for your gift recipient! Made from food-grade stainless steel, this pint cannot be shattered, letting your gift recipient transport their drink without fear of broken glass.