Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap

Here is a fun and quirky gift for that friend or family member who loves bourbon whiskey and just can’t get enough of that straight from Kentucky libation.

This artisan soap is actually crafted right here in the USA using real Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, among other ingredients, all coming together to make a great smelling and great working soap.

The Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap from Swag Brewery is the perfect gift for that person who would love an expensive bottle of “the good stuff” but they aren’t quite that worth spending that much on.

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Detailed information about Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap

The smell is a mixture of hardwood oak and rich goodness that has a peppery note to it. This soap contains all-natural ingredients, is made only in small batches.

Additionally, it is a vegan product that is made without the use of animal testing or animal cruelty.

Some of the other ingredients are rosemary essence, crushed oats, and apricot seeds, and did we mention whiskey? Yep, there is definitely whiskey in this product!

Each bar is made and packaged in the United States of America. A bar of this artisan body soap weighs in at 5 ounces and comes packaged in its own gift box.

If you're looking for a gift for the male figure in your life, this just might be it!


All vegan product

Smells great and not like stale booze – so don’t worry!

A fun gift for anyone who really loves their whiskey