Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cat lovers - we all have at least one friend or family member who is one! This person has a special place in their heart for their feline friends and regards them more like family. One good thing about knowing a cat lover is that they can be easy to shop for! Cat lovers are always looking for gifts that either show off their love for all things cat, or more importantly, gifts they can give to or use for the cat or cats in their life. However, If you yourself aren’t a cat person, finding the right presents can feel incredibly difficult. Or perhaps you have simply run out of cat-themed ideas. Either way, this great cat lover gift guide is here to help! If you are shopping for the cat person in your life, you will love this selection of gifts for cat lovers that are perfect for anyone who is a team cat.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Gift for Cat Lovers

Be sure to keep these 10 things in mind as you start shopping for a cat lover!

1. Remember the cat as well as his or her owner

When buying something for the cat person in your life, keep in mind you don’t have to just limit your ideas to items for the cat lover him or herself! After all, they are a self-proclaimed cat lover- so why not get a cat-themed gift?

They will love that you took the time to get something special for the most important member of the family!

2. Mugs are always a good idea

In most cases, a cat lover is sure to enjoy a nice, quiet evening in cozied up with a good book (and of course their cat!)

What is the perfect addition to these plans? A great mug, perfect for that special brew of tea or coffee.

Get a cat-themed mug if you want, or think outside the box and get some other type of design. Either way, the mug is sure to be put to good use!

3. There is always more to learn

Cat lovers may know a lot about cats, but there is always something more they could learn!

Books about cats, including humorous books, are always great gift options!

Consider a great coffee table book with beautiful images as well - this serves as both a book and a decorative piece they will love to display!

4. Never be insulting

Let’s face it- cat lovers sometimes face some harsh criticism. Some may find ‘crazy cat lady’ endearing, but others find it insulting!

Keep in mind you never want to upset or insult someone when you are getting them a present.

You should only want to celebrate the person and show you are understanding and supportive of their passions.

5. Think personalized

A personalized gift is a wonderful idea for a cat lover. A pillow with their cat’s face embroidered on it, a piece of clothing, a necklace of their cat’s name?

The possibilities are endless! Even something as simple as a framed picture of their cat is a great pick that makes for a really special present.

6. Consider (chic) clothing pieces

Some cat-inspired clothing can be a bit cheesy (or insulting, which we already discussed is a bad idea!)

However, there are also some seriously chic cat-inspired clothing pieces out there.

From simple ballet flats to sweater with a simple feline design, there are plenty of wonderful options out there for the fashionable cat person in your life.

7. Make their life easier

Taking care of any animal always requires work. Consider getting them something that makes their life easier!

Perhaps a new and improved litter box, or a toy to help train their cat.

8. Get charitable

Cat lovers are almost always concerned with the well being of all cats, not just their own.

In addition to getting them a present, consider making a donation to a local shelter. This is a wonderful gift that they are sure to appreciate.

9. Accessorize

Just like there are some awesome feline-inspired clothing pieces out there, there are also wonderful jewelry pieces too!

Consider a simple cat ear pair of stud earrings, or a simple bracelet or necklace.

10. Treats are great (sometimes!)

Finally, it can be tempting to go the treatment option when it comes to shopping for an animal lover, but always keep in mind that the cat owner should always be aware of whatever it is you are wanting to feed their cat.

They may have their cat on a certain diet or the cat may have allergies you are unaware of. Always ask first and make sure it is okay, but if so, treats are always a wonderful idea!

Unexpected Gift Ideas: Our List

If you are needing some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top picks for unexpected little presents for cat people!

Trust us- everything on this list is purrrr-fect!

1. Updated Cat Bed

More attention always seems to be given to dog beds, but there are plenty of genius cat bed options out there, and they make for great gifts!

You already know that cats love to curl up and enjoy a nice nap (hence the term cat nap).

A great practical item for a cat lover is giving their feline friend a new bed to use and enjoy all day long!

While there are plenty of standard cat beds out there, there are also tons of cool options to consider.

If you are shopping for a cat that loves looking (but not going of course) outside, consider a hanging bed that attaches to windows - seriously!

This allows the cat to enjoy the view and take a nice nap all from the comforts of the inside. Genius!

2. Artwork

We’re talking wall art! Sure, it is pretty common to see cat figurines, but less common to see paintings.

We think a nice painting or poster featuring a cat (or a cat-related quote) makes for a perfect, unexpected present.

Cat lovers are proud to show off their love of cats, so why not turn that love into decor for their house or apartment?

There are so many different styles of artwork out there, you can easily find something to match their style.

From more traditional paintings to modern more abstract pieces, to prints with words on them, bold colors, neutrals only, there is just about anything you could imagine!

3. Doormat

What better way to show off your love of cats than with a doormat? People will know your love before even stepping foot in your house!

This is a great way to personalize an otherwise ordinary item and turn it into something a little more fun.

You can either get a personalized mat with the cat lover’s name and their cat’s name on it or something a little more humorous if they’ve got a sense of humor!

4. Custom jewelry

While jewelry featuring cat ears is common, as is getting something engraved with a cat’s name or initials, something that is more unique and unexpected is an actual custom piece of jewelry that actually looks like a cat!

All you need is an image of the cat, and there are so many talented artists that can recreate the furry friend in a gorgeous piece of jewelry!

Similar to jewelry, you could also consider getting a custom sculpture done by the cat.

5. Journal

It is impossible to remember all the cute moments that happen with your cat. Why not write them down so you can remember them forever?

We all know that in the majority of cases we outlive our pets (not that that is something we like to think about!)

However, because our sweet furry family members won’t be around forever, keeping a journal to document special moments is the best way to ensure you remember them forever.

Our Cat Gift Guides

Our gift guide is here to help you find the perfect gift for any cat lover in your life. From cat-themed house accessories to clothing, books, and cat toys, we have thought of everything that a true cat lover would love to have.

You don’t have to be an animal person at all to find the perfect option - this guide has done all the hard work for you!

No matter who you are shopping for, you are sure to find the perfect (or should we say purrfect!) presents for cat lovers.

We have selected the most unique, thoughtful picks that any cat lover would appreciate - whether it is your younger sister, your best friend, or your grandfather.

Cat lovers have a special bond with their cats and come birthday or holiday, it is your chance to take a turn at showing their fuzzy, cuddly friend some love too!

Take a look through our cat-themed picks, we are sure you’ll find the perfect gift in no time. Start shopping today!

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