Reusable Chopsticks Set

Do you love Asian cuisine? Can’t get enough of sushi, noodles, Korean BBQ, and the like? Or perhaps you just like using chopsticks to eat?

If that’s the case, then this Japanese ispired gift set by JapanBargain is a beautiful, affordable way to add to that experience.

These chopsticks are made of high quality wood and are reusable. They are covered in an eco-friendly food-grade coating, making them safe for food.

They are 8 and 3/4th inches long (about 22.5 cm), allowing for ease of use within your grip.

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Detailed information about Reusable Chopsticks Set

Don’t you worry about clean up; these chopsticks are dishwasher safe (on the upper rack) despite being made of wood! (It should be noted, however, that hand washing these chopsticks is still recommended to ensure the longevity of the coating.)

The item has the looks to match the functionality.

The amazing chopsticks come in the following colors and styles: black/silver, brown, gold cherry blossom, metallic, natural, red sakura, redwood, silver cat, silver flora, white cherry blossom, and white sakura.




Food safe

Comes with anti-slip tips for enhanced grip

11 beautiful designs

Dishwasher safe

Comes in a simple but elegant gift box

Great as a gift or for your own home


While this product is dishwasher safe, hand washing is still recommended to prevent coating damage