Bowisheet Good Luck Hosreshoe Charm Bracelet (Handmade)

Most people find the animal kingdom fascinating, but we know this particular group of people who have a special love for animals. They are probably pet-parents and would go to any lengths to make their animal pets feel loved at home.

They will pamper their pets, get them exotic foods, nice accessories, take them for long walks and drives, and even holidays! For them, the line between their adorable pets and kids is likely to be a bit blurry.

You probably have an animal lover in your gift list who not only adores their “pet-child” but also animals in general. Heck, maybe your one and you understand this special bond.

Did you know that most animals have special attributes and symbolism that most humans, especially animal lovers, love to associate with? For example, a cow in some cultures is a symbol of fertility and nurturing, while a buffalo symbolizes strength.

Now that you know this, our gift suggestion for the passionate animal lover in your life is this red cord adjustable bracelet with a turtle charm in the middle. Turtles symbolize longevity because they live a very long and fruitful life.

They teach us a valuable lesson and show us the significance of taking care of ourselves.

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Detailed information about Bowisheet Good Luck Hosreshoe Charm Bracelet (Handmade)

The charm is made of stainless steel material. It doesn't contain toxic elements that might harm the environment or cause allergic reactions. It is absolutely safe and long lasting.

Give this lovely animal inspired bracelet to the person who needs to know that they are the navigator of their life, and just like a turtle, they should stay calm even when under pressure.

That they should travel and have long term goals, age gracefully and the card says, and spend quality time at the beach.

That's the lovely message that comes with this animal lover accessory.


A lovely bracelet attached with a symbolic charm

Handmade with environmentally and skin friendly materials

It's adjustable