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Fjfz ‘Stand Tall Little Darling Flamingo’ Throw Pillow Case

Flamingos, flamingos, flamingos – who could get enough of them? These majestic animals are graceful, beyond beautiful and most importantly, is a wonderful shade of pink that is not at all common in the natural world.

That is why they are such a hit and a huge favorite in pop culture today. You can see tons of flamingo-themed items, toys and home décor which really stands out in a sea of neutral and basic silhouettes. Speaking of standing out, we all know how the flamingo is famous for how it stands.

One leg up in perfect balance, it seems the flamingo has it all figured out when it comes to confidently standing tall. And with that said, we think this Flamingo pillow cover by FJFZ reminds us exactly that.

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Detailed information about Fjfz ‘Stand Tall Little Darling Flamingo’ Throw Pillow Case

This lovely, inspirational cushion cover features a flamingo in its famous stance painted perfectly in watercolor on high-quality linen fabric and is accompanied with the quote “stand tall little darling” expertly written across this amazing flamingo pillow.

The throw pillow case is 18 inches by 18 inches which makes it the perfect size to fit most throws in your home. It also has a zipper closure which makes it easy to put your pillows inside and secure it in.


Cute and adorable flamingo illustration in a watercolor style makes it look vintage yet new

Very affordable for such a high-quality item

Design is printed on high quality and breathable linen fabric

Trendy design makes any room look modern, sleek and up to date


Not really a con, but depending on your taste, you might not like that the print is only on one side of the pillow cover