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Heart Beat Dog Paw Pendant Bracelet

This is the perfect gift to say “thank you” to all of the people responsible for taking care of the fur babies in our lives. Whether for the veterinarian, vet tech, receptionist or nurse, or just your everyday dog lover, this beautiful bracelet is made to order for anyone who devotes their life to the well being of pets everywhere.

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Detailed information about Heart Beat Dog Paw Pendant Bracelet

Crafted from stainless steel, this bracelet is also made without the use of nickel or lead as an alloy, making it wonderfully hypoallergenic and perfect for anyone. This bangle has an opening that is just the right size for slipping the bracelet on and off easily simply by turning it to the side of the wrist but small enough to leave it safely and securely in place on the arm as a constant message to the world showing how much your pet means to you.

Pet lovers know that their hearts belong to their furry friends and this stylish bangle is a wonderful way to signify the love and devotion that is felt every time they look into their adoring eyes. With a silver heart on one side of the bracelet opening that has been embellished with a cut out that represents the pet's beating heart, and a sweet paw print etched in black on a circle attached to the other side of the bracelet opening, this wrist piece signifies everything that a pet means to someone.


Made of hypo-allergenic stainless steel

Won’t change color, tarnish or rust

Perfect gift for the dog lover in everyone