Honeymoon Gifts

The honeymoon - for many it is the best part of getting married! After all of the stress (and excitement) of planning the wedding, for most couples, the chance to get away and relax with each other is such a needed and wonderful experience. If you know a happy couple who is busy planning the honeymoon of their dreams, it makes sense to get them a special gift! If you aren’t sure what the right gift to give as honeymoon gifts, you’ve come to the right place. Our gift guide was created specifically for this and is filled with all sorts of perfect honeymoon gifts any couple would love! Check it out now and see what you find.

10 Things to Consider When Buying a Honeymoon Gift

Looking for the right honeymoon present for a newly married couple? Make sure you keep these 10 things in mind while you shop so that you end up with the perfect gift!

1. Make sure you know their destination

You might think you found the right gift that is excellent for a beach getaway, but what if the couple decided to do something different and go to a snowy location for their honeymoon? Oops! Make sure you know where the couple is off to so that you can get them a gift they can actually use while they are there.

2. His and hers

If there was ever a time to get his and hers matching gift, the honeymoon would be it. They can choose to wear it to the airport as they leave, while on their honeymoon - or both! There is no sweeter time to enjoy being a couple, so a matching gift like this makes perfect sense to match the occasion.

3. Travel accessories

Does the new couple have a long flight ahead of them before reaching their destination? Help them arrive feeling relaxed by getting them something they can use on the plane!

From noise-canceling headphones to a neck pillow, to a travel cocktail kit (they exist!) and more, there are a lot of convenient options that will make the trip much more pleasant.

4. Upgrade their ticket

Looking to really wow the couple? Why not upgrade their plane tickets to first-class! If you have the money to splurge, this is a really wonderful idea that will give the couple an experience that they really will never forget.

5. Help them document the moment

No, we don’t mean going on the trip with them (nice try!) Instead, why not consider gifting them something like a travel journal, or a polaroid camera that they can use to document their entire trip. Sure, you can always pull out your smartphone and take pictures, but all you’ll end up with is a bunch of images sitting in your camera roll.

This is a great way to help give them the chance to create some lasting memories that they can look back on for years to come and display in their new home.

6. Give them a new wardrobe

Most couples (especially the bride) love having some new items to wear on their trip, so you can’t go wrong with gifting them some new looks!

In fact, did you know there is even a term for the wardrobe a bride wears on her honeymoon? It’s called the bridal trousseau!

7. Go for the bubbly

Champagne (or prosecco) and honeymoon just go so well together! While you don’t want the couple to have to pack that in their suitcase, consider having a bottle delivered to their room at their destination.

It’ll be such a nice surprise when they get to their room, and they will certainly enjoy sipping on it and relaxing!

8. It’s okay to be sentimental

The gift can absolutely be sentimental! Whether it is a sweet moment from the wedding day, or a further back memory you have with either the couple or the bride or groom, this will make for a wonderful gift that they will enjoy forever.

9. Luggage

In all the excitement of planning the trip, the couple might forget a very important detail: They need luggage! This is one of those items that is often forgotten about until right before a big trip.

Consider getting them a nice new set that they can use not just on their trip, but for all their future trips together. This is a really thoughtful, but practical gift idea that they’ll be able to use for years!

10. You can always go with money

Honeymoons are expensive, so don’t feel bad if you give the new couple some money that they can put towards their trip. Trust us, they will absolutely appreciate it! The last thing you want to do is stress over money while on vacation.

Help paying for the trip can help ease any fears and help the couple truly relax- which they deserve!

We made your job of finding a gift a whole lot easier!

If you’ve been married before, you remember the joy of planning your honeymoon.

The only downside to planning is the expense! On top of also planning a wedding, the cost sure does add up fast. Any couple can feel the financial pressure involved with getting married, and for that reason, they are so thankful for any gifts they get from friends and family.

From more simple gifts like money for the trip, to thoughtful gifts they can use or wear while on their dream vacation, honeymoon gifts are so thoughtful and are always loved by couples. If you haven’t given one before, you might not be sure what a good gift idea is. That is okay! It is a bit of a newer tradition, and we are here to help you figure out just the right thing.

Whether it is your child getting married, your sibling, or a close friend, you are undoubtedly so excited for the happy couple to start their new life together. That starts with the honeymoon!

Help them set off on their new adventure with a thoughtful gift that they will remember forever. If you aren’t sure what to get, our gift guide is here to help you out. We have thought of all the best options and compiled them in one place so that you don’t have to worry.

No matter who it is getting married, it is sure to be a wonderful, emotional, exciting day! After the wedding, comes the honeymoon, and that is when the real adventure begins. Surprise the happy couple with a thoughtful gift- and we are here to help! Shop our gift guide and see what you find. We are sure you’ll find the perfect thing in no time. What are you waiting for? Start shopping today!


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