Knock Knock Journal: What I Love About You

There are so many ways of expressing a love message to a loved one. One can opt to send a simple text message, get a gift card or send a greeting card to show appreciation. But, how long will the gifts last? And, how will the recipient remember the exact phrase? Why not put up a journal to say all the things that one loves about a loved one? It is a raw method of passing across witty, funny and crazy things for a significant other. This journal from Knock Knock is a beautiful example of a love journal for a special someone.

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Detailed information about Knock Knock Journal: What I Love About You

This small book of 112 has a few different features that are there to ease up the process and to guide the writing process. There are the fill-in-the-blanks and complete-the-lines spaces where one can write the specific characteristics that are of their preference in the other person. This makes a unique personalized gift that will impress anyone and especially a significant other. Not to worry, one doesn't have to be a poet! Just by following the emotions, anyone can create a special gift.