TABLETOPICS Couples Board Game

Turn a fun romantic date night into a thought-provoking game of “Whats ” and “Whys” with the TABLETOPICS Couples Board Game! It’s a fun way to understand each other and get to know each other through a set of challenging, thought-provoking questions to spark a live debate.

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Detailed information about TABLETOPICS Couples Board Game

Half a century of togetherness is more than a coup – it’s love that binds two souls together. Same goes for the couples who just started their life’s journey on a romantic note. Take that relationship a step further with this fun yet provocative board game that is specially meant for the couples to get better acquainted with each other. Whether you know some couple who have been together for most of their life or someone who just got started, the TABLETOPICS Couples Board Game will be a perfect conversation starter.