Father and Daughter Picture Frame

The love between a father and a daughter from the time she is born to when she is grown up is something special and it should be celebrated in the best way possible. The little girl’s father is able to show her how a man should treat her with love and respect and she looks to her father as a hero and role model. Girls often end up marrying a man who is similar in a lot of ways to their dad and this is how it should be.

This picture frame from Kate Posh is just such a gift to celebrate that special love.

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Detailed information about Father and Daughter Picture Frame

The frame has curved beveled edges and has a glass front to protect the image. There are clips for mounting the frame on a wall or use the back stand easel for standing on a table or display shelf surface. All the frames are made by hand in the company’s California facility. We said that this frame is specifically designed for a 4” x 6” portrait photo. If your requirements are different from this, the company also supplies 4” x 6” landscape frames and 5” x 7” portrait and landscape frames.

If the engraving is not quite the message you want to convey then the same company supplies faux leather frames engraved with many other messages. Just look at their selling page to find out which you prefer and make your choice.


These are faux leather, well-crafted picture frames with appropriately sentimental messages engraved onto the surface

The measurements are for portrait or landscape aspects of 4” x 6” or 5” x 7” photographs