Position of the Day: Sex Every Day in Every Way Manual

For those who are looking to take a walk on the lighter and funnier side of sex, this book is for you!  Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey, writers of a sex and relationship advice column for Nerve.com have come out with a humorous adventure into diversifying the sexual experience with “Position of the Day, Sex Every Day in Every Way”. Perfect gift idea for couples!

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Detailed information about Position of the Day: Sex Every Day in Every Way Manual

While not all of the positions written about in this paperback are anatomically feasible, the underlying objective of this manual is to find the humor in lovemaking and to inspire an open dialogue regarding keeping the boredom out of the bedroom. Sometimes it can be difficult to open a conversation about being more adventurous in the boudoir, but with this book and its playful and fun take on sex, you can find the fun without being too serious.

There are 366 different positions so you are able to experiment with something new each and every day of the year (or at least think about it), with an extra position thrown in just for leap year. With this book, you are bound to find something for every taste out there. There are positions for same-sex partners as well as scenarios for multiple partners, and of course for your good old man and woman twosome. In other words, a little bit of humor and risque fun for everybody.

  • Available in paperback
  • Fully illustrated, 376-page manual
  • Humorous and instructional