LAVUMO Heartbeat Rings for Couples – I Love You Matching Promise Rings

Promise ring could mean something like “I am here to stay “or “I will always love you” or “I promise to marry you,” and so on. It’s also synonymous with couples in a long-distance relationship as a token of love, loyalty, and friendship regardless of the distance.

While a wedding a ring as we all know it is a promise to keep your vows to each other. Whichever the case, rings are romantic and bond two people in a special way.

Have you got someone special in your life whom you have promised to love? Or perhaps you are married, and you would like to have special rings that remind the two of you of your love? Or, are you in a long distance relationship and you need a gift that will always remind the two of you of your commitment to each other?

This heartbeat rings for couples by LAVUMO will be the best thing that happens to two people in love.

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Detailed information about LAVUMO Heartbeat Rings for Couples – I Love You Matching Promise Rings

The rings will be a constant reminder of the pledges you’ve made to each other. Whether it’s a commitment to love each other forever, or to stay faithful or get married, this unique set of matching jewelry will be a reflection of your devotion to one another.

They are made from 316 stainless steel and are absolutely safe to wear. They are hypoallergenic, resistant to scratch and they won't rust or tarnish.

In addition, the print and the words engraved won't fade or rub off. These rings are meant to be worn safely for a long time, and they never turn the finger green.


Unique rings for couples engraved with a sweet message inside

Made of 316 stainless steel

Available in different sizes

Comfortable to wear

Skin friendly

Backed with a 12-month warranty