Guitar Neck Shaped Kitchen Set

A good way to give an impressive gift is by choosing one that the recipient can relate to. This is by ensuring the gift relates to their hobbies or daily activities. For example, there are plenty of gifts for musicians. From guitars and flutes to music manuals and beginner guides, the list in this class is endless.

This utensil set from Rise 8 studios would be a thoughtful gift for a musician. It will couple up as a useful set in the kitchen and also resonate with the hobby. It is a simple gift but would mean so much to someone that lives for music.

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Detailed information about Guitar Neck Shaped Kitchen Set

What is in the set? There are four pieces of cooking sticks including a round stew spoon, fork, and two flat spatulas. They are all made from 100% bamboo wood with a tapered neck design. The pieces are suitable for everyday cooking and work well even with non-stick pots. The finishing is complete and does not chip after extended use.

The details of the cooking utensils are what makes them a suitable gift for a musician. The design goes as far as including the finer features of a guitar hand. Also, the rest of the stick looks precisely like a real guitar which adds on to the overall style.