Wooden Love Statue

If you are after a unique and meaningful gift, look no further! This incredible sculpture is absolutely perfect as a gift for your partner or a gift for a couple in your life.

It is entirely made from sugar wood and is hand-carved by an artist in Indonesia. It stands at a foot tall and is 5 inches wide and almost 2 inches deep.

It is the perfect size to be displayed in any area of one’s home for a unique and special touch that can hold a lot of meaning.

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Detailed information about Wooden Love Statue

The hand-carved statue depicts a couple in a very intimate embrace. It has an abstract design that allows the two bodies to flow together perfectly in their loving embrace.

It is simple in appearance, yet has a complex design, carefully detailed to depict the love between a man and woman.

They appear to be holding each other close and sharing an intimate kiss. The man leans down over the woman and you can see her ponytail dangling down from the back of her head as her neck is bent slightly to meet the man.

In the middle of the embrace, space is left open, and together, the body of the man and body of the woman create a soft heart shape.

This adds a lot of special meaning and symbolism to the hand-carved piece.


Durable item

Will add to any decor

Made from high quality wood