“Message in a Bottle” Glass Jar & Pills

What a perfect way to tell that special someone how much they mean to you…90 times over! This adorable and thoughtful gift is certain to earn you a place in the significant others hall of fame.

This gift is the perfect prescription for a happy relationship. Whether as an anniversary gift, for a birthday, or just to show how much someone means to you, this gift will let them know just how much you care. Your chosen recipient simply pulls out one capsule a day, opens it up and read the personalized message from you that it contains.

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Detailed information about “Message in a Bottle” Glass Jar & Pills

The results could only be happiness and undying love. This is one unique and thoughtful gift and the benefits of one capsule a day cannot be understated.

It may take a little time writing out ninety different words of love, but imagine the reaction that this will elicit from that special someone. Ninety capsules mean ninety different ways to say I love you, I appreciate you, and I need you in my life.

This will without a doubt go down as the most thoughtful thing that anyone has ever done for the lucky person who receives this prescription for boundless love.


Each glass bottle comes filled with 90 capsules filled with small strips of paper rolled and closed with a golden ring

Adorable capsules have different faces stamped on each and every one

Comes with a tag wrapped around the top that states “Love 100%”