SUCK UK Skeleton Hand Jewelry Holder

Do you know someone who just can’t keep their jewelry in order? They’re always losing rings or necklaces and earrings are just lying around the house. Then this Skeleton Hand Jewelry Holder by Suck UK is the absolute, most fabulous gift you could give them! It features movable metal joints which allow you to bend the fingers and hand to your liking and to accommodate different types of jewelry. The metal joints are made of gold plated steel wire for the smoothest movement and a classy look. The hand extends into the forearm which rests on a solid beech base which serves as extra storing space or for any jewelry items that are too long for the fingers to hold completely.

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Detailed information about SUCK UK Skeleton Hand Jewelry Holder

This Skeleton Hand Jewelry Holder is the perfect thing to show off bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings of all styles. Plus, it's an interesting talking point when friends come over to visit! Keep your room organized but also spruce it up with the novelty design. Women of all ages will enjoy it! Give it to the younger generations and help them keep their room clean without actually telling them to clean up. Adults too get a kick out of the skeleton hand which looks even classier when adorned with jewelry!