POOP: Brown Bag Combo from Breaking Games

Have you ever played Poop! We mean the card game?. If you have then you will remember how much fun it was. Now you can spread the joy of Poop to your friends and family too.

POOP: Brown Bag Combo from Breaking Games is a new way to send Poop to your friends and family. The entire item is a brown paper back that contains two packs of Poop playing cards (and some toilet paper, just in case!). The two packs are the original brown pack of Poop: The Game and the green pack of the Party Pooper edition. This really is a great experience to play this game, almost as much fun as being in the bathroom itself.

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Detailed information about POOP: Brown Bag Combo from Breaking Games

Seriously though, this is the perfect gift to send to your friends and those family members who like a bit of fun. Kids love the poop jokes so they will be rolling around on the floor in stitches and laughing all the way through the game.

This will make a perfect gift for the family at Christmas so why not buy one for your grown up kids’ family, it will be so much fun watching the grandchildren play and making the fart sounds correctly. And if you haven’t got grown up kids, then buy it for your younger kids. If you haven’t got any kids then buy it to play with your friends.


This is a fun card game that is suitable for all the family

Even children as young as five years old will easily pick up the rules of this game