You probably love Friday nights coupled with games and bites together with your family and friends. It is a fantastic moment and the quality times spent together creates an even stronger bond. But sometimes, you exempt kids from the late night chats and fun moments. It is okay but one or two late nights together will not cause any harm. But again, you have to find an entertaining game that suits you and your kids at the same time. How about going the cat way and playing this Cat-opoly game? Or better still get one pack for your family friends.

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Detailed information about Cat-Opoly

The game suits kids above eight years and adults as well. It has an exciting outline that involves sinking into the world of cats. It has an excitement of a traditional property trading game but with a cat theme. If you keep cats or your family loves cats, then this is the game you should all be playing. Like monopoly, the game needs participants to buy litter boxes or fish bones for the cats you have.

In Monopoly, you buy houses and hotels for your properties. Both games have the same outline just that Cat-opoly revolves around the world of cats. The game cards have pictures of cats and the different breeds, so it becomes easy for you to identify yours. This game would be a perfect gift for any cat lover.