Studio Ghibli Howl’s Moving Castle All Year Calendar

A lovely gift has to impress the recipient and also come packed with some functionality. Sometimes the simplest of gifts can come in handy but how long are they going to last? If you like to gift stuff that can last years and remain meaningful to your loved one, then you ought to consider several options.

One great option is this Howls Moving Castle from the Ghibli collection. It couples up as a décor piece and a calendar to use all year round. That makes it a suitable gift for friends and family.

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Detailed information about Studio Ghibli Howl’s Moving Castle All Year Calendar

The piece comes with the shape and design of a Howls Moving Castle which in itself is interesting. The design feature fine details of the castle with every part resembling a typical howl's castle. Also, the style includes dices with numbers which work as the dates on the calendar. The other set of dices come labeled in the days of the week. Lastly, different dices have the months of the year to create a complete calendar.

The dices have specific positions on the castle with the date taking the lowest place. The others hang on the other sections of the dice. To set the date, one needs to move the dice to suit the exact date, month and year. On this note, the dice can be used to create calendars for many years with only a switch up of the dates and months.