Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer Hot Air Brush

The ultimate hair styler that will save you time but give you excellent results! The Revlon One Step Dryer combines a hairbrush with a blow dryer to make at-home blowouts easier than ever. If you struggle to use a round brush with your blow dryer to style your hair at home, this is the tool for you. No more expensive trips to the salon to get the perfect blow out, you can do it now quickly and easily from home!

Specs: This blow dryer brush features an oval-shaped design that helps smooth your hair while drying it. The cool tip at the end ensures you can pull the brush through your hair without burning your hand. Choose from 3 different heat and speed settings – choose hot air, warm air, high or low speed, and opt for the cool air option to lock in your style when you are finished!

Why it’s a great gift: This is the perfect gift for any lady who likes her hair looking nice – and what lady doesn’t want that? Whether it’s a friend who spends too much time and money at the salon, or perhaps a busy mom in your life who has almost no time to spend on herself, this is the perfect gift that anyone would love and will enjoy using!

What we like: We like that this tool combines two tools into one, it makes for such an efficient tool that will save you time and money. The design of the bristles make for optimum volume in your hair which is a major plus, and the speed and heat settings ensure you can get the right option based on your hair texture and thickness. We also find it to be a good weight – it isn’t too heavy that your arm can’t manage to hold it up the entire time you are using it!

What we don’t like: The dryer is a bit loud which can bother some people especially if you have close neighbors or are trying to do your hair while your child is taking a nap or down for the night.

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2 in 1 tool

3 heat and speed settings

Easy to hold



Dryer is loud