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World of Eric Carle – Around the Farm 30-Button Sound Book

Learning just got a lot more exciting with this awesome sound book from Mark Rader that brings to life 30 unique drawings from Eric Carle. This book is a great tool for kids to learn about animals through visuals, sound, and words. The more senses a child can engage the more they will learn, and that is exactly what will happen with this awesome book!

Specs: This book features 30 unique illustrations and sounds featuring various animals like goats, sheep, pigs, caterpillars, and many more. The sound buttons are off to the side of the book so that they can be played no matter what page of the book you are on. Each page of the book features original illustrations from Eric Carle and simple sentences to help your child learn!

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for new parents. Plain and simple! This is a great book that will engage any child and get them excited to learn. Especially for very young children, a simple book may not hold their attention, but the addition of the sounds makes this an entirely new and exciting experience!

What we like: We really like that there is such a variety of animals included in this book, it’s really a great learning tool for young children and the sounds make it so much more than just a simple book. We also appreciate that there are short sentences for each animal – it is a great introduction to reading for children.

What we don’t like: Some animals don’t make noise and therefore their sound button just plays music – such as the caterpillar. This isn’t necessarily bad, but rather is less educational than the other sounds which will teach a child the sounds that animals make.

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Learning tool

Variety of animals

30 sounds/music


Some animals don't make noise, music is played instead