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Kids Against Maturity: Card Game for Kids and Families, Super Fun Hilarious for Family Party Game Night

We all love a good party game but one thing that we have noticed is that there aren’t many that are appropriate for children – until now! This hilarious game, Kids Against Maturity, is the perfect game to play with your children. Family game night just got a whole lot more fun! Similar to other party games you’ve played, this game consists of question and answer cards. Each round, the funniest answer gets picked!

Specs: This game features 500 question and answer cards and it all comes in a nice box to store everything. All of the cards feature funny content, but all are age-appropriate. It is recommended to be played with children aged 10 years old and up.

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for any family that loves a good game night, or wants to get one started. It is easy to turn to technology all the time, but there is something so enjoyable about turning off the TV and putting down your phone and playing a game. Especially when it’s a game as funny as this one! Any family with a great sense of humor would enjoy receiving this as a gift and they are sure to play it on every game night they have.

What we like: We appreciate that this game was developed specifically for children so that you know all of the content will be appropriate. You don’t always see that with board games but this one is totally kid-friendly, ensuring parents can play along as well and not have to worry about any inappropriate cards!

What we don’t like: Some parents may not like the amount of “potty humor” that this game has and might not find it as funny. It is definitely a game made for children but those who appreciate that style of humor. If you do not, you may not enjoy this game.

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Fun for adults

Easy to play


May be too childish for some