Anatomic Heart Specimen Coasters

Who says you can’t love medicine and hosting a good party? For the person who loves both, this set of coasters featuring images of an anatomic heart are the perfect addition to their party decor. The set of 6 coasters each has a different aspect of the heart, making each coaster unique and sure to inspire conversation at a party! A fun, unique item, you can’t go wrong with an eyecatching design like this.

Specs: This set features 6 unique glass coasters that each feature a piece of an anatomical design of the heart. You can stack all 6 coasters in order to see a full view of the human heart. The glass coasters are sealed in order to ensure the heart design does not peel off after use, and the bottom of the coaster has rubber discs that will help keep coasters in place.

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for a cardiologist, or really anyone who either works in medicine or simply appreciates the human body and is interested in it! These coasters will surely be a conversation starter at any party, making them a perfect gift for anyone who loves to entertain. When not in use, stack the coasters in order to have a nice decorative art piece that shows off the anatomic heart! While not for everyone, this is a perfect gift for anyone who loves decor that is totally unique.

What we like: We like that each coaster is unique and how they can all stack together to form one 3-D like image of the heart. We also like that the coasters are made of glass, it gives these coasters a nice modern touch, and the sealant will ensure these coasters will last a long time and through many parties!

What we don’t like: The only downside to these coasters is that they are not dishwasher or microwave safe. While we don’t think use in the microwave is important, not being able to put them in the dishwasher will force you to spend a little extra time cleaning up after a party.

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Set of 6

Made of glass



Hand wash only