Pie Face! The “Pie in the Face” Family Game

Have you ever had a night where you and your family are just sitting around doing nothing, bored out of your minds, and just wondering what you should do? We have the perfect solution! Board games are a great way to ‘break the ice’ as they bring something fun to do, as well as getting you and your family closer to one another. Since board games are great for the whole family, they are also a great gift to give. With that said, we now introduce to you the board game ‘Pie Face,’ by Hasbro.



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Detailed information about Pie Face! The “Pie in the Face” Family Game

Pie Face by Hasbro is a very comical kind of game. The game itself gives you a mixture of suspension, as well as some great LOL’s. Basically, your goal is to try and not get yourself a ‘pie in the face’ quite literally, as the name of the game suggests. You spin a spinner with numbers on it and say you land on the number 5. You will then put your face into this cardboard face mask that is attached to this plastic hand. To see what we're talking about, refer to the photo up above. Then, you will take the hand crank and crank it that number of times that you spun on the spinner. Then, if the number of cranks you cranked ‘triggers’ the hand mechanism, it will slap the whip cream into your face, giving you a ‘pie in the face’. If you manage to not get a ‘pie in the face’, you will get 1 point. The first person to get 25 points wins the entire game, and oh, bragging rights! In the game box, a little sponge is included if you do not want to use actual whip cream, but in our opinion, whip cream is way more fun!