Vintage Star Wars Patent Poster Prints

If you, or someone you know, is a true Star Wars fan, this vintage poster print is the perfect gift and makes a great addition to any memorabilia collection. This set comes with 4 unique poster prints that show the patent artwork for some of the most iconic machines used in the movies. Unique artwork is a great addition to any home or office, and it doesn’t get much cooler than this!

Specs: This is a full set of 4 poster prints that are each 8” x 10”. Each poster shows vintage patent artwork for a different machine. The 4 machines pictured are the Star Wars X Wing, Snow Speeder, TIE Fighter, and AT AT Walker. With a vintage feel to them given the look of the paper (a nice yellow, aged looking poster paper) this looks like an authentic piece of art even though they are all, of course, reinterpretations of the original patents.

Why it’s a great gift: This is a great gift for any real lover of the Star Wars franchise. This is something you more than likely wouldn’t think to buy for yourself but would love to receive as a gift! Perfect to hang in your office, or in a movie or game room, this is a great gift that true fans would love to have on display.

What we like: We really like how authentic these prints look and how detailed each drawing is. They are also printed on really high quality paperstock which we appreciate instead of lightweight flimsy paper. The standard 8” x 10” size is also nice, ensuring it is easy to find frames to go along with these prints should you want to put them in a frame.

What we don’t like: We do wish each print was a little bit larger, you really have to display them all together, otherwise each one individually looks pretty small.

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Printed on quality paper



Too small