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Aunt Rich Walnut Music Box – Plays Wonderful World

Ask any woman, and they will attest that keeping jewelry organized can be a daunting task and a real pain. Many are the times you will find a pair of your favorite earring missing, or can’t seem to locate your gold plated necklace to match with the outfit you had chosen for the day. On the other hand, an open jewelry box exposes your accessories to external elements and the stands may not accommodate everything.

If you are looking for a unique gift for your beloved aunt, then nothing will make her happier than this jewelry music box from Cottage Garden. This is a thoughtful gift, that shows that you put a great effort to ensure that you get her a unique and practical gift. This will be received with open arms, and she will appreciate your kind gesture.

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Detailed information about Aunt Rich Walnut Music Box – Plays Wonderful World

The box measures approximately 6"x4"x2.5". It features a rich walnut finish and its delicately brushed with gold rose trim.

As if that is not great enough, you can personalize this jewelry music box by replacing the picture on the frame lid with a 2”x4” personal photo. But if you prefer to keep the featured picture, your aunt will be delighted to read the print on frame lid which reads “To my aunt, I feel fortunate to have a wonderful aunt like you.” This message will undoubtedly bring tears of joy to her eyes and melt her heart with gratitude.


An elegant jewelry box that plays your favorite music when opened

It features intricate detailing that accentuates its beauty

Equipped with metal photo holders for support

Can be personalized with a personal photo