The Premiere Frank Capra Collection

The movie industry has gone through tremendous changes over the years. But for those who have been around for quite a while, no one can never forget Frank Capra movies. Being one of the greatest pioneers in the film industry, Frank truly loved America and was famous and still is for a series of films that were applauded by many.

The Time Magazine, in 1938, designated him as the leading director in Hollywood back then and in 1996 he was voted as the greatest director of all times by the Entertainment Weekly. Throughout his successful career, Capra has received lots of accolades and awards including three Oscars as the Best Director which only goes to show that his work was superb. His movies not only won numerous awards, but also his fans loved them and still reminiscence over them.

Here is some good news to the fans and anyone else who would love to binge on Capra collection. The Premiere Frank Capra collection has come to life in a digitally re-mastered box set which includes a 6-disc collection featuring the best of five Frank Capra’s films.

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Detailed information about The Premiere Frank Capra Collection

This whole box set is truly something special, and lots of effort has gone into making it a worth collectible for the fans. How can anyone forget the film Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, which was Capra's depiction of innocence power and up to today his sneaky views about political machines and many other vested interests still seem more accurate more than ever.

Other films that have been featured in this remastered DVD box set include "It Happened One Night," "Mr. Deeds Goes To Town," "You Can't Take It With You" and "American Madness." For an all-time fan or someone who would be interested in Capra’s films, this set box would be a welcome gift.


A digitally remastered DVD box set with the best collection of Frank Capra's films

Brings back Capra's greatest movies to his fans

A bonus disc featuring Frank’s documentary produced by his son, expert commentaries, interview and a detailed scrapbook

The quality of the DVD box is excellent