Picnic Plus Dog Cork Caddy Cork Holder

We all have wine lovers among us, the kind that knows all things wine and the person is likely to be a member of a wine club or has a monthly wine subscription.

We are talking about the type of wine enthusiast who does wine things like letting the wine breath once it’s opened and never misses a chance to go to wine tasting events. These are fun stories that make your friendship, and you will always find something to laugh about when you get together.

The best thing you can do as a friend or a family member to the wine enthusiast in your life is to give them a gift that will always commemorate their wine moments and perhaps preserve the memories attached to each experience.

How about we give you a gift suggestion of something that will actually keep all their wine memories and perhaps help tell a story? Presenting to you this dog cork holder by Picnic Plus.

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Detailed information about Picnic Plus Dog Cork Caddy Cork Holder

Not only will they be able to keep their wine bottles, but now they can also collect the corks that had sealed the wine.

If the recipient happens to be a dog lover, you will be killing two birds with one stone because this whimsical dog cork caddy, is cleverly designed to look like a dog resting on its feet.


It is sturdy and durable

Ideal for collecting wine bottle corks

It can be used as a décor piece