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Is there anything better than being an aunt? The joys of spending time with your niece or nephew, without the stress of being their actual parent! All the joys of parenthood without the major responsibility! A wonderful feeling, but also a great privilege to get to help raise and spend time with children. For many, aunts serve as wonderful inspirations for children and are a wonderful addition to life. Do you have an aunt who is incredibly special to you? They are just as deserving of love and attention come their birthday or other special occasions as other family members! This list is devoted just to them and is filled with perfect auntie gift ideas that she will absolutely love. If you aren’t sure what to get for your aunt but know you want it to be special, you have come to the right place. It is time to spoil her and show her how much you love her, and we are here to help!

How to Find the Perfect Gift for Auntie

Looking to find the perfect gift for your aunt? Make sure you keep these 10 things in mind while you shop!

Personalize it

If you really want to get something special for your aunt, consider taking the gift you find and personalizing it. This really does make a gift to another level and makes it feel incredibly special. Best of all, you can personalize just about anything these days so you can easily find something she will love, and then take it one step further by putting her name, initials, or have fun with her title as aunt and include that as well!

Go back in time

What is your favorite memory with your aunt? Call on that moment, trip, or even just a conversation, and use that as inspiration for your gift.

Perhaps it is framing your favorite picture of you together, or getting her favorite book that you loved discussing. Use those important moments to create a gift that is sure to become an instant favorite of hers!

Combine forces with your siblings

You know how much you love your aunt, and if you have siblings, they probably do as well! Why not get together with them and come up with a gift to give her from all of you?

This will make her feel incredibly special, seeing that you all took the time to think of something nice to get for her. This would also allow you to buy a nicer gift since you can all pool your money and really get her something special that will surprise her!

Help her relax

Is your aunt always busy running around dealing with work and family- including you?! If so, use your gift as a way to help her relax. Maybe that means getting her an at-home spa kit, or a nice new robe to snuggle up with, or buying her favorite book that will force her to take some time to sit down and enjoy it again. She deserves it!

Get her the gift of an experience

Sometimes the best gift isn’t a tangible gift, it’s an experience! Even better, join her on this experience so that you can spend time together as well. This can be as simple as a special lunch out, or as nice as a weekend getaway.

The sky’s the limit! Based on your budget you can pick something that will mean a lot to her. In today’s busy world it is important to remember to give your time to those you care for, not just your money in the form of a gift!

You can’t go wrong with jewelry

When in doubt, get her a nice piece of jewelry to add to her collection! You can also consider personalizing it with either a unique charm that has her name or birthday or even her birthstone. She will be sure to think of you every time she wears it, which we are sure will be often!

Get matching gifts for you and her

If you are super close with your aunt, why not go all out and get her something that matches with you? This could be as simple as matching t-shirts, or matching pieces of jewelry. This is a fun way to show how much you care for her, and she is sure to love the thought behind the gift as well as the gift itself!

Consider something useful

For all the useful advice your aunt has given you over the years, why not return the favor? She may be the one with all the wisdom, but you can still get her something useful that will make her life easier! Perhaps something to use in the kitchen or out in the garden, or to use while she travels. Consider her activities and hobbies and think about what you could get that would make her life a little bit easier. Who doesn’t want that?

Ask her siblings (AKA mom or dad!)

Sometimes the best thing to do when gift shopping is to ask questions! Why not go to your aunt’s sibling, either your mom or dad and get their advice on what to get her? You are sure to get at least some ideas that can help you with your final selection!

Never regift!

The one thing you never want to do when giving your aunt a gift is to accidentally give her something she gave to you in the past! Regifting isn’t always a bad thing, but if you are considering it, always be 100% sure you remember who gave it to you in the first place. If you aren’t totally sure, go with something else!

Very Unique Gift Ideas for Aunts

Anyone who grew up in a close family can confirm that being around family can be a major blessing and comfort, especially when things in life get hard. For many, extended family members like aunts and uncles become just as close as parents and siblings. If you are like that with your aunt, it makes sense that you want to get her the perfect gift!

Aunts are amazing family members, aren’t they? Always there to spend time with and talk to, it can sometimes be easier to open up to your aunt than a closer family member. Perhaps you grew up spending time with your aunt on weekends, or she was always around on holidays to make them extra special.

No matter what, there is a closeness there that you want to show your appreciation for. A special aunt gift is a great way to do so!

A Curated List of Gifts

If you are completely unsure what makes for a great gift for your aunt, not to worry. Our talented team has created this list specifically for aunts. Filled with a variety of gifts, you are sure to find something perfect in no time. From more sentimental items to humorous ones for the aunts with the great sense of humor, and everything in between, we have thought of everything.

Maybe your aunt was the one you came to for advice about school or relationships. Was she the one that let you relax the rules a bit? Take you out on a school night? Let you stay up late or have a cake for breakfast? Moments like those make for great memories that last a lifetime! Come her birthday or other special occasions, it makes sense you would want to get her the perfect gift! We are here to help you make that happen.

Any Occasion is Good to Browse Our List!

While no gift can replace the memories you have shared with your aunt, it can help you show how special she is to you! Don’t just select the first gift you find, instead, use our auntie gift guide to find a gift that is more unique and meaningful that she will love and remember for years to come!

If you have a special relationship with your aunt or aunts, go the extra mile for their next birthday! Do you not live close anymore? A thoughtful gift can be a great way to remind them that you are thinking of them and can’t wait to see them again soon!

If a birthday is coming up, or the holidays, it is time to start planning your gift list! If you aren’t sure what to get for your aunt, check out this list and see what you find. We are sure you will find the perfect gift in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping today!

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