Electric Wine Aerator With Dispenser Pump

If you or a friend opens a bottle of wine and there is a part of the bottle left over, it never tastes quite the same a day or so later, does it? This is because the air has got to the wine and has started to oxidize the aromatic ketones that provide the flavor and bouquet. Not only that but how many times have you opened a bottle of wine and later found that a small fruit fly has been attracted to the aromatics and has drowned in your favorite in rouge.

Whereas too much air contact can spoil a wine, every wine needs to be aerated to allow the flavors to start developing. Are you preparing to drink a vintage that has a sediment at the base of the bottle and needs to be decanted?  This product solves all these problems and more, so you should seriously consider buying one for your friends or family or even for your spouse so you can have the benefit of it as well.

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Detailed information about Electric Wine Aerator With Dispenser Pump

The small pump sits on top of a standard sized wine bottle and forms a seal around the bottle’s neck. A hollow tube projects downwards into the wine to the required depth. Position the glass under the spout and press the button on top of the dispenser unit.

The battery-powered motor will then suck the wine through the “straw” and dispense the liquid through the spout. The product fulfills many functions at the same time: It provides a seal between the wine and the outside air; it seals the wine from contamination with dust, insects and other foreign bodies; when dispensing the wine it aerates the liquid and provides just the correct amount of air to bring out the flavors; it does away with the need to decant the clear liquid from the sediment as the bottle is not disturbed and the wine is sucked from above the sediment.


This unit looks stylish and certainly does the job it was meant for

The bottle seal fits all standard sized wine bottles

The unit is easily detached, rinsed out and stored after use