Corneria Wine Barrel Cork Cage Holder

Have you ever wondered what to do with wine bottle corks especially ones that commemorate a sentimental occasion? Wine bottle corks can end up in the garbage and that is such a waste of a wonderful resource. Many people who enjoy making handicrafts often want to do something creative with wine bottle corks. Some keen fishermen even like to make their own handmade fishing floats from wine corks.

How is it possible to keep them all in one place until needed and in something that looks attractive and allows the corks to dry out naturally? The solution to all these problems is to use the Wine Barrel Cork Cage Holder from Corneria.

The cork cage holder is constructed in the shape of a wine barrel from thick metal wire decorated with colored glass beads, metal vine leaves and an oval-shaped metal sign with the words ‘Wine Corks’ stamped on it.

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Detailed information about Corneria Wine Barrel Cork Cage Holder

The overall impression is one of sophistication and practicality. If it is sentimental wine corks that you want to save then they are all there in one place; likewise, if you want to save corks for craft workers and fishing fanatics then they are all there too.

Oh, and did we say that the wire barrel looks good too and will certainly have pride of place either in the kitchen or on the home bar area. The cork holder measures about 10” high and holds in excess of 100 corks so will easily sit on a standard size kitchen counter ready to collect the wine bottle corks. Not only will this be good in a home environment, but it will also be useful in a small restaurant or wine bar.


This wine bottle cork cage keeps the corks separate from the garbage in case they need to be reused

It measures about 10” high and holds over 100 corks

So useful for keeping special or sentimental wine bottle corks as a memento

Looks good and does its job