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Star Trek Collectible Wine Glass Set

For over a century now, Star Trek has been going strong, and it is no wonder that you are a fan or know someone is a long-standing fan. With this kind of history, it’s not surprising that this sci-fi franchise has a great following across all generations.

And so, it goes without saying that if you have a Trekkie in your life whose special occasion is around the corner, you have to shop for a Star Trek-themed gift to celebrate them and show them that you recognize their allegiance for the most watched space exploration franchise.

This star trek collectible wine glass set might not the most preferred vessel for serving Saurian Brandy, Romulan Ale or Roktajino, the common drinks seen in the starship, but the glasses have the Starfleet Insignia badge featured in The Original Series and Star Trek logo!

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Detailed information about Star Trek Collectible Wine Glass Set

For this reason alone, they will become a favorite to a diehard fan for having a drink when watching Star Trek, when relaxing and chilling with friends and most likely talking about the show or the movie.

Whichever the case, we know a Trekkie will love these glasses as a Star Trek collectible, and they will be thrilled to add them to their ever-growing collection of fan memorabilia. However, these are quite functional stemless wine glasses ideal for everyday use.

The set comes with 2 stemless glasses made or high-quality glass. They are thick and durable and have a nice firm hold. The glasses can hold up to 16oz of a drink which is roughly the size of a regular wine glass.


Quality stemless wine glasses

The set comes with two wine glasses

Features the Star Trek logo displayed at the back and commander badge