The Book of Unusual Knowledge

There are some people who just cannot get enough useless knowledge (or useful knowledge depending on your point of view). There have been many board games produced over the past decade or so that try to test the players’ knowledge of trivial facts and of course there are many books that are an offshoot of these games. None, however, have the style and class of this book.

The Book of Unusual Knowledge from Publications International Ltd is a massive 704-page hardcover book packed full of useful and useless information.

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Detailed information about The Book of Unusual Knowledge

Some people just love collecting trivia to pepper their conversation, in an attempt to entertain and surprise their listeners.

This hardcover book is a perfect resource for that kind of person who has a love of learning and a passion for trivia.

To give you a few examples of the type of trivia contained within its pages, just listen to these:

  • Are NASCAR’s origins something to do with bootlegging moonshine?
  • Are polyethylene carrier bags in India killing the sacred cows?
  • How many UFOs did Ronald Reagan see during his lifetime? One or two.

Contains many unusual pieces of trivia that you will love to read and share

Comes as a beautiful hardcover book with over 700 pages crammed full of interesting snippets of information