Star Trek Cookbook 

Still, haven’t found the perfect gift to give to a Star Trek fan in your life? This is one the most loyal group especially if the fan you are dealing with has watched the Original Series and now loves the Star Trek: Discovery. This obsession makes it pretty easy to get a fitting gift for Trekkie as they are always eager to collect, buy or receive Star Trek-themed gifts including memorabilia, books, and games.

And so, while at it, why not let a Star Trek fan enjoy sumptuous meals by giving them this easy to use guide titled Star Trek Cookbook. No one can really forget the ever lovable Neelix from the Voyager series. This is an actual and functional cookbook, and it will be an awesome novelty gift to the diehard Trekkie in your life. They don’t need to hack the Star system just get the ingredients. All the food products listed are locally available.

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Detailed information about Star Trek Cookbook 

If one has ever wondered what the Stars ate around the various galaxies, this cookbook will be a great chance to find out and taste it. The real question is; will one find the ingredients indicated locally? Well, one will have to read the book to find out, right?

It's a comprehensive volume that is absolutely fun to read. The authors reveal the food preparation techniques that were used to deliver those tasty, exotic dishes and drinks featured in the show. The book also has a complete guide that makes it absolutely easy to whip up all beverages and foods mostly served at the Quark’s bar.


The book contains actual recipes

It’s fun to read

It's aesthetically appealing with eye-catching images

Nice addition to a Star Trek fan collection

Available in paperback and Kindle format