Star Trek Uniform T Shirt w/Liquid Gold Ink

Whether you are into Star Trek or not, you cannot deny the influence it has in pop culture. Star Trek has been hyping up our galaxy for the past decades since its creation back in the 60s and is still well loved by the generation that grew up watching it and even the younger age group are getting in on it. And because of that, we have seen a lot of merchandise popping up in recent years that are attributed to this popular series. Shirts have been an all-time favorite of “Trekkies” because of their comfort and the fact that it is easy to wear, so we are delighted to let you know that we found a Star Trek shirt that will be a great addition to their ever growing collection of Star Trek memorabilia.

Presenting this Star Trek Uniform t-shirt by Popfunk. It is exclusively designed for Star Trek fans as it resembles the uniform of a Star Fleet Communications Officer because of the insignia on the right upper corner of the shirt.

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Detailed information about Star Trek Uniform T Shirt w/Liquid Gold Ink

In the words of the great Spock, “Live long and Prosper”, this shirt will absolutely live long and prosper because it is durable. It is made of a 100% high quality preshrunk cotton and features a double needle collar, sleeves, and hem which guarantees its durability and is perfect for both men and women.


100% made with preshrunk cotton

Durable with its double needle collar

Impressive design of Star Trek insignia

Perfect present for both men and women