Lightsaber Chopsticks – Skywalker Blue

If there was one fantasy world that most fans would want to live in, we certainly think that Star Wars would be uttered more times than we could count; and with good reason.

This space opera has been popular culture mainstay and is absolutely loved by most people, young and old alike. So much so that most merchandise pertaining to this insanely successful movie franchise by George Lucas tends to sell out.

Sometimes, people who have rare or limited edition items list their beloved Star Wars memorabilia on reselling sites and have success selling them for a thousand dollars or more, that is when you know that Star Wars fans take their fandom seriously.

But if you do not have the means to get a thousand dollar piece for that avid Star Wars fan in your life, do not fret because you do not need to dish out that much for them to enjoy something awesome. With that said, we present to you these lightsaber chopsticks, a cool and unique addition to your Star Wars-crazed collection.

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Detailed information about Lightsaber Chopsticks – Skywalker Blue

Marrying the love of Star Wars and Asian cuisine together, these lightsaber chopsticks fulfill one’s desire to be a Jedi master all while enjoying a hot bowl of rice, noodles or rice noodles topped with delicious veggies and protein.

It also comes with the batteries needed for it to light up and is easy to replace by simply unscrewing the screws.

These lightsaber chopsticks are light enough to be lugged around and brought to places you want to eat at so you can eat with it.


Very affordable

Lights up


Have to handle with care because of its battery feature