Personalized ‘My Hometown’ Jigsaw Puzzle (Aerial Photography)

Here is a gift that will certainly make an impact on your loved ones. The “My Hometown” personalized jigsaw puzzle is a unique gift idea that puts together the aerial photography of your home and a bird’s view of your entire neighborhood.

No matter where you travel to, East or West, the home will always remain to the best place to be. And this puzzle is the perfect way to remind your loved ones of their surroundings and jog their memories to see how well they know of the place they call home.

We can’t dispute that there are a million versions of maps available, but none will highlight your home and its neighborhood like this jigsaw puzzle.

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Detailed information about Personalized ‘My Hometown’ Jigsaw Puzzle (Aerial Photography)

What you get is a jigsaw puzzle that when put together will highlight the home of the recipient as the centerpiece surrounded by the neighborhood including the physical features and landmarks that define the entire area.

The seller uses advanced technology to deliver high-resolution images digitally remastered to provide a clear pimage of the neighborhood.

Once you provide the full address of the home of the recipient of the gift and the zip code, the seller, using their technology will extract images from dataset regarding the specific location.

The result will be a unique and interesting 400-piece jigsaw that will cover the specified home and the neighborhood for an area of 1mile by 1 ½ mile. Each piece is made using super quality millboard of 0.6" and finished  using hands by skilled craftsmen with expertise.


A real-life puzzle depicting the aerial photograph of a home and its neighborhood

Made using high-resolution aerial photography

Personalized with recipient’s home location details


The pieces are dark making it hard to complete the puzzle