Star Trek USS Enterprise Sushi Set

Many people enjoy watching the USS Enterprise on the television series of Star Trek and many people become completely preoccupied with the Star Trek Universe making it their hobby of choice. What better way for a Trekkie to eat Japanese Sushi than by having a model USS Enterprise fitted to a Sushi plate. Inside the saucer section of the Star Ship is a soy sauce bowl while in the Warp Nacelles are a pair of chopsticks!

The originality of the Star Trek USS Enterprise Sushi Set by ThinkGeek has to be seen to be believed.

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Detailed information about Star Trek USS Enterprise Sushi Set

It is what any serious Trekkie would like to use to eat their Sushi. When the plate and Star Ship are fully assembled they measure 14.9” x 3.5” x 4.5”. The wooden base (Sushi plate) is made from a close-grained hardwood as one would expect for something that is to be in contact with food.

The USS Enterprise itself is made from plastic with the exception of the saucer section (soy sauce dish) that is made from stainless steel. The dish is fixed in place with a small screw that will need to be removed whenever the dish is to be washed after use. Try not to lose the small screw! The chopsticks are made from plastic and are pushed into the Warp Nacelles when not in use.


This is a really cool USS Enterprise Sushi Set that any self-respecting Trekkie would love to own

The ship and its base are cleverly incorporated into the Sushi experience


The soy sauce dish needs to have a locating screw fitted before use