Star Trek Original Series Sticky Notes Booklet

If you have a Star Trek fan commonly known as Trekkies, you already know that nothing would excite such a person than a Star Trek-themed gift or collectible. The only challenge is that this person could be having a large collection of their own and getting something that they don’t already have might actually turn out to be tricky.

But fear not for we are to make sure you get the Trekkie in your life a gift that will get you a bona fide “Wow” instead of another trinket that is likely to earn a permanent place in their closet. Star Trek lovers come in all ages, and whether the fan in your life is your mom, dad or your 10-year-old daughter or son, we are pretty sure they will find this sticky notes booklet featuring characters from the Star Trek Original Series awesome.

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Detailed information about Star Trek Original Series Sticky Notes Booklet

With this, they will always find the right notes for each enterprise whether they use them at home, in the office or school. Whichever way, they will certainly have fun being their own chief of communications in the Sci-fi universe. And when they flip through the booklet, Lt. Uhura takes command while Kirk, Mr. Spock, and Scotty beam up and down, appear and disappear on the page markers.

The book measures approximately 3 ¾” x 4 ¼” and has hundreds of colorful sticky note sheets. The self-sticking sheets come in a hardcover memo pad which can easily fit in a school bag, purse, and back pocket.


The booklet comes with hundreds of colorful sticky note sheets

Features characters from The Original Series

Small and compact enough to fit in a purse or pocket

Ideal for use at home, school, and office