Photosynthesis Strategy Board Game

Nothing truly beats a good evening with family and friends spending quality time indoors eating, drinking, and playing indoor games.

However, in a world where games include Candy Crush, Call of Duty or FIFA, its hard to have interactive family time on the nights when you all decide to stay in.

But all is not lost. It’s time to make your family and friends drop down their smartphones and gaming controllers and have a good time playing something as interesting as this photosynthesis strategy board game by Blue Orange. It’s alsoa great gift for any friend who enjoys board fames!

We are lucky to live in a generation where board games are no longer plain and boring. They are now trendy and creative than ever, and this photosynthesis board game is something everyone would want to try.

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Detailed information about Photosynthesis Strategy Board Game

To begin with, this game is visually striking and seems to be calling you to play. We believe everyone loves trees because our planet is a better place with greenery, so there is no one who will not find the concept intriguing.

This game is complex and brilliant. It features beautiful art, and the strategy used is simple but deep.

More so, it's family friendly. It has captured the theme extensively, and you have to admire the creativity behind the whole set up.

The sun revolves around the board at different angles, so you have to be careful when picking the location to sow and grow trees.

All trees cast shadows and so, if your trees are in the shadows, they will be blocked from the light which means you don’t get to harvest any points.


A captivating board game that captures the photosynthesis theme brilliantly

The game is well made

It's colorful and visually appealing

The box cover looks fantastic