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History of the World Map by Map – Hardcover

Any history buff would find the “History of the World Map by Map” a must-have for their library. This book would also be a very useful companion book to supplement a school child’s history lessons.

This beautiful hardcover edition contains pictures and maps that help to explain how events such as growth in the industry, political ideologies, and different inventions altered and shaped the borders of the various countries that exist today.

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Whether for a new encyclopedia to add to a personal library, or perhaps for an extra bit of history to adjunct a high school or college history class, this book is an invaluable asset to incorporate into the curriculum or to enhance any history lovers book collection.

This incredibly detailed collection of maps depicts the various regions of the world and focuses on the effects that major events in their history had on them.

This educational read is so much more than just a lesson in the countries of the world, where they are and what they look like; this book looks at past events that altered the way that a country formed; different leaders, new religions or political ideologies, wars, the industrial revolution, and exploration just to name a few.


Over 140 maps that are incredibly detailed, depicting events past and present

Follow exploration that led to the rise of new empires, dynasties, and civilizations through time

Hardcover book with 440 pages of maps, history, and analogies of the influences that shaped the world as we know it